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Business Connect remains an exclusive group of members who need to see their business ideas take flight. 

We provide dedicated marketing services and promote interactive experiences. This helps local company owners grow.

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About Business Connect

People have billion-dollar business ideas every day. Sadly most wind up doing nothing with them out of fear. It’s because few people living in the greater Johannesburg, South Africa, community have access to the resources they need to take their plans further. The answer is to become resourceful! 

Whether they have never created a marketing plan for instance, or don’t know how to run a company. Subsequently step into pursuing your passions. 

Instead, we believe that when everyone shares their small business ideas together, it creates a straightforward way to redefine entrepreneurship.

If your day job is no longer working out, in other words you want to know how to begin a business. Our members can help make your dream tangible. In addition we stay committed to providing the tools you need now for a brighter future tomorrow.

Marketing Plan

Firstly, a marketing plan doesn’t write itself, but you don’t always have access to the information that you need the most. Secondly projected sales figures, demographics, estimated earnings can get too complicated.

Further, part of what makes a marketing plan an efficient one is filling in as many details as possible from tangible business results. However by networking together with like-minded individuals in the community, you can paint a more realistic painting. This in other words, sets your ideas up for success.

Thirdly and most importantly, our exclusive group remains full of those who went through the same growing pains. In addition, how they overcame their obstacles is achievable. Moreover, combined with our offered advertising services and engaging community events, we make it less scary to start your new company now.

In conclusion attempting to start a new business venture never becomes simple, therefore those who join our group discover encouragement and tools. Business Connect 360 continues changing the face of local small business. In other words we are a group of successful entrepreneurs who engage one another.

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Connecting Like Minded Business Professionals

Business networking continues to prove the most effective way to grow your brand. 
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Benefits of Business Connect 360
We forge business relationships. In other words we work towards a more promising future for the local markets. 

In addition, no matter what services you provide or where you need to go, above all you’ll find a better quality of comradery here at Business Connect 360. That is to say, you will feel a part of the family.
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Small Business Ideas

Among an entrepreneur’s most significant fears are having their valuable ideas stolen. Most noteworthy, we limit inner-group competition to restricting membership to two companies per industry per area. Above all, this reduces the risk of questionable activities.

Similarly our priority remains to help those needing professional networking and partnerships. That is to say here you can launch your business ideas that is to say without the fear of them getting poached. 

Therefore our primary concern is having you feel comfortable.  Certainly enough to share, engage, and learn in a positive online environment.

Business Connect Group Driven

From helping you to figure out the necessary expenses for lending or discovering the ideal way to advertise. Meanwhile you’ll find fellow members eager to share their experiences and passions. In addition as a group-oriented and driven platform, the only requirement is learning to do better for your brand.

Whether you’re seeking positive exposure for your products and services or the chance to become a better business owner. In short more people turn to our group. In conclusion no one else understands small business ideas like entrepreneurs. Subsequently we want you to learn from the best.
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