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While Facebook Pages remain free to create, consequently, they earn their revenue in sponsored postings. 

However, even affordable boosted posts fall flat without the right listing and formatting.

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Facebook Pages

You can launch a new profile with the click of a button, but it takes expertise to know how to utilize your listings effectively. And while not everyone can afford a dedicated Facebook business manager, you can certainly enjoy the next best alternative.

Business Connect helps more local small business owners throughout the Johannesburg, South Africa, area in creating business pages that get results. Moreover, when you need digital advertisers that know how to navigate the process best, it only helps you succeed more.

Whether you’re boosting your immediate market presence or enhancing your online interactions, we provide everything that you need for an effective page. Best of all, you’re joining a community of like-minded entrepreneurs who could help you even further. In other words we can help you and your Facebook pages.

Create Facebook Page

Starting a new business listing online is as simple as selecting the option to “Create Facebook Page”. However, knowing how to complete your business listing best separates it from those pages that don’t perform well.

Everything from what you call yourself, to including your physical business address, has a hand in how well you reach others. In addition combined with regular unique postings and engaging users, it doesn’t take long to build an audience.

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Change Facebook Page Name

Whether you’re re-branding your company, changing services, or found an identically-named business, everyone will likely need to change Facebook page name options eventually. 

However, like any traditional advertising avenue, you most importantly need to do so carefully, or you’ll undo all your previous hard work.

Therefore once things get adjusted on your Facebook page, you’ll need to follow up and see if it caused any further changes elsewhere online. As a result when all of your social media sites interact together, it makes mistakes appear fast after each new item.
What are you waiting for?

Facebook is waiting to work for you

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Facebook Business Manager

We go beyond merely showing you how to create Facebook page listings. As a result we provide solutions to your audience continually. Whether you can’t find time to keep up with your online pages or you don’t know how. We offer a better way to save on your Internet outreach needs.

Our expert digital markets provide a straightforward solution to daily postings, customer interactions, online growth, and more. That is to say at lower pricing than typical agencies. Joining our growing community of local small business owners remains the best way to learn more from others in your field.

Why Join Our Group?

Some companies have hardly any online presence at all. On the other hand other business owners spend too much time on social media platforms. In short handing the reigns off to an impartial and experienced party means straightforward results. As a result, more time on your side.

The average Facebook page listing remains riddled with typographical and grammatical errors. As a result, incorrect information. For instance when something as crucial as your phone number or address stay missing or wrong, it only hurts your bottom line.

Business Connect 360 continues providing solutions for your business and after that, community support.
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