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Find new opportunities and meet like-minded people when you join Business Connect 360.

Thanks to Business Connect 360’s fine-tuned business networking model, building your business has never been easier.

The Best Business Referral Network By Far


Boost Brand Visibility Through Powerful Referral Opportunities

Business Connect 360 was founded in 2017. In a short time, we’ve proudly become one of the top business groups around. Based on exclusive WhatsApp, Facebook and face-to-face networking opportunities, our team of like-minded business owners works together to boost brand awareness and similarly grow each other’s bottom line. 

If you’re looking for ways to build your online presence and widen your reach, Business Connect 360 is the perfect solution.

Glowing Testimonials, 5-Star Reviews and Superior Referrals

No matter your business, when you’re part of the Business Connect 360 team, you can look forward to the backing of a support network of business professionals who are quick to recommend you and direct referral business opportunities your way. 

In addition it’s word of mouth at its most powerful.

Our business networking model is aligned with our mission to help your business flourish. The following groups are all part of the 

Business Connect 360 family:
Business Connect Club
Property Connect
Business Connect Elites
Divine Connect

The Business Connect 360 Mission

We want you to succeed in today’s tough business climate. That’s why we promise never to allow more than 2 businesses per category per area. In so doing, our business family has quickly grown to become a professional networking group of Elite and like-minded business people you can truly count on. 

Our number one priority is to build an exceptional networking platform for business professionals from an assortment of backgrounds to connect. 

We’ve found that by creating a model of word of mouth and online networking, we get to exchange ideas, build fruitful relationships and provide dynamic opportunities for marketing and promotion. Most importantly all of this is done in an atmosphere that uplifts, inspires and encourages.

Whether you join the Business Connect Group or grow to become an Elite member, our team feel privileged to work together.

Active Networking That Works

Active networking is vital for business growth, no matter what size your business is or what you offer. It’s all about developing solid relationships and taking action. 

As a business owner, you know how much commitment and sacrifice it takes to build a successful business. Now add a network of associates and friends to the mix and you get the boost you and your business deserves. 

At Business Connect 360, we’re active, involved and on the ball. Our Elite members always get referral preference, and since there are just 2 businesses allowed per category, you can count on solid leads and referrals from every Business Connect 360 member.

If that’s not powerful networking, we don’t know what is!

The Business Referral Network You Want To Be Part Of

Our platforms offer a range of business professionals and entrepreneurs all backing one another with one common passion – to help each other grow.

With more than 3455 members since 2017, can your business really afford to miss out on the power of business networking with Business Connect 360?

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Connecting Like Minded Business Professionals

Business networking continues to prove the most effective way to grow your brand. For most owners, however, it feels nearly impossible to forge a business connection that lasts.

At Business Connect Group, we continue connecting businesses together since 2017 to an overwhelmingly positive response and eager local entrepreneurs. We believe that any idea can become a viable one, so long as you network it to the right like-minded individuals.

As your professional networking group, we craft a dedicated path towards your success, as well as offer a variety of useful supportive services. No matter where you need to focus on your brand, we provide the tools you need to rise to the top.

When you choose exclusive business groups and simple-to-use social platforms, it becomes a win-win for everyone involved. Continue reading to discover why our method continues generating results for your brand.

Networking Events

Forging a lasting business connection can feel a lot like dating in that unless you get out there, you won’t meet someone new. And while there are plenty of events in Johannesburg every year, how can you know which are the right ones for your needs?

Before you purchase expensive entrance tickets to events that don’t help, Business Connect Group hosts business opportunities in South Africa you can’t miss. By creating an online community that continues connecting businesses together and providing an in-person event, you can get to know your fellow owners quickly.
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Johannesburg SA Business Networking
Although the conditions may not seem ideal for launching a new business idea, it’s often the rougher terrain that creates the best new companies. However, there are plenty of different areas to cover, and it never feels easier handling it all alone.

Our professional networking group does more than give you a platform to post your firm’s details. We work with individuals in your position to strengthen your drive and help you succeed.

You’ll find a variety of digital marketing services, as well as an inclusive group seeking out new allies and mentors. Whatever areas in starting your business seem to cause you the most headaches, we remain the best choice for:
Marketing Tips & Solution
Improved Sales Techniques
Custom Logo Design
Digital Advertisements
Social Media Marketing
Networking Groups
Networking Events
And a growing community of business owners.

We encourage all members to support one another, as well as forge lasting partnerships with those they wouldn’t otherwise meet. Find the business connection that best helps your new ideas from the comfort of your computer or handheld device.
Our Difference
There are plenty of scam groups online, and we want you to feel comfortable in seeing the difference we make for more local companies. Rather than creating an endless chain of shares, we strictly monitor our group for quality listings.

Our members adhere to specific rules and guidelines, and we do not tolerate those trying to game the page. We actively promote members who take their online marketing needs seriously, as well as those eager to learn from others.

By connecting businesses together that generate new ideas and support others, it only makes for a more diverse and engaging market for all. And it begins with you developing a new plan and a burning desire to network it with entrepreneurs from around the community.

If you have had enough of expensive marketing groups that don’t generate results, we offer you a chance to try a different approach. We believe a strengthened business climate begins with fresh ideas and a dedicated member base.
Loyalty of Members
Loyalty in the business world has all but dried up, but we seek out members who care. That is to say these motivated individuals have a world-changing idea, and they need to network it now.

As a professional networking group, we don’t push products and services, but encourage growth as a community. Similarly you’ll find other members who want to see your ideas succeed because they know it helps their friends and neighbors in the process.
Elite Group
What separates a real networking opportunity from Get Rich Quick schemes is having an elite group of members. We weed out intergroup competition by limiting membership to two firms per area, promoting cooperation instead.

You won’t see pages of motivational memes or jokes, but only real opportunities to join other passionate entrepreneurs. When you need to feel sure you are forming a positive business connection, we set the group up for success.
Why Join Us?
Anyone who has ever toyed with beginning a new business soon runs into the same roadblock of having to do it all alone. Unfortunately, some people just don’t understand vital aspects of running a company, and even the best ideas can soon fail.

Business courses often only cover the basics, leaving you unprepared for the real world. While you could try and learn it all the hard way, it takes time and resources you don’t have.

Instead, we forge better business relationships and work towards a more promising future for the local markets. No matter what services that you provide or where you need to go, you’ll find a better quality of comradery.

Learn more by visiting Business Connect Group on Facebook.
Business Connect 360 Elite Group
Refferal program by the Elite group
Facebook Advertising
Access to Elite discussions and advertising
Digital marketing services
Access to Video Explainers 
Facebook Page Build
Access to Lead Generation opportunities
Access to WhatsApp Groups
Elite member Networking online and events
Business Networking
Networking events allow us at Business Connect Group to bring our members together in real time, as well as put a face next to the name and online avatar. Unlike other social groups in Johannesburg, we push tangible growth.

We require that all members give at least 24-hours warning before missing their scheduled business networking groups, and we encourage ongoing participation online. We want you to meet with others that remain as passionate about their ideas as you feel about yours.
Business Referrals
We promote an easy approach to business networking in South Africa. We also promote a less is more philosophy so that events and gatherings are simple. No name tags or excess spend on trimmings. Connecting is the name of the game. A lasting introduction followed by future business referrals and use of fellow entrepreneurs.
Business Ideas
Firstly small business ideas take on many different forms, and we believe that they should all have a platform for you to network it with others. Secondly from refining your ideas to tangible opportunities to marketing it more successfully, we provide the tools that help you achieve more.

Further you will also expose yourself to ideas you had never heard, as well as those improving those that you have seen. In conclusion it is only through connecting businesses together that we believe we can strengthen the local market as one.

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